Puttalyze App

This app is a game-changer for golfers, providing a comprehensive solution for improving your skills on the green.

At the core of the Puttalyze App is its unique ability to simulate the path of a rolling golf ball on a green. It doesn't just help you practice your putting; it teaches you the essential concepts of "aim point," "distance point," and "target speed" with unparalleled clarity. By visualizing these key elements, the app empowers golfers to understand and master the art of reading the green, a skill that can make all the difference in your performance.

When you use the Puttalyze App, you enter a range of relevant parameters that are specific to your putt, including green speed, the slope of the green, and the distance to the hole. Using this data, the app calculates the trajectory of your putt and presents it to you in a visually engaging and user-friendly manner. The result is an interactive graphical representation that provides insights into the path your golf ball will take.

Notably, the Puttalyze App doesn't stop at just simulating the path of your putt. It goes a step further by identifying and displaying the "distance point" and "aim point" on the screen. These critical points are accompanied by their respective distances, giving you an intuitive understanding of how your shot should be executed based on the green's characteristics. Whether you're dealing with a subtle break or a sharp incline, this app equips you with the knowledge to read the green like a pro.

This innovative tool is designed to help golfers grasp the physics of a golf ball's journey on an inclined surface effortlessly. It serves as a virtual coach, teaching you how to aim and adjust your shots according to the slope and other properties of the green, such as its speed. By using the Puttalyze App, golfers can develop a profound understanding of the intricacies of putting, helping them consistently sink those crucial putts.


In a sport where precision and control can make all the difference, the Puttalyze App is your secret weapon for mastering the green. It's not just a training aid; it's an educational tool that empowers golfers to confidently conquer the challenges of any green they encounter. Elevate your putting game, gain a competitive edge, and become a more versatile golfer with the Puttalyze App by your side. It's time to experience golf like never before and put your best game forward on the greens.


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